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Climate ACtion

I believe climate change is the salient global issue of this generation. A thriving city must have clean air, clean water, and healthy streams, wetlands, and forests.


We must clean up pollution that has caused environmental inequities harming indigenous peoples and communities of color.

I support expanding our tree canopy, greening our fleet, maintaining our green energy commitment, becoming water positive and net zero, and sticking to our climate emergency goals by 2030.

We must create good jobs by accelerating a clean and just transition toward green energy infrastructure.

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I believe living in Redmond should be affordable and secure, and doing business should be profitable and purposeful. 

As the economy recovers from COVID, we need policies and programs that proactively protect our most vulnerable, like tenant protections and fair, living wages for families.


First responders should be able to afford to live in Redmond, so that they can be moments away in a disaster.

Doing business should make a fair profit and small businesses should thrive not just survive. I support hiring locally from the community and prioritizing small, women-owned and disadvantaged businesses for government contracts.


I believe in creating an inclusive and respectful environment for everyone, removing barriers to success, no matter who you are, what you look like, or who you love.

Everyone should feel safe and welcome in our community no matter what and find strength in our diversity. Black lives matter.


I support investing in mental health response services and community supported policing programs that can help us reimagine public safety in Redmond. This looks like systems of accountability that enhance public trust of our first responders and provide more transparency, oversight and representation.



Building sustainable and equitable infrastructure is my life's mission. I believe public works should work for everyone and we should not take it for granted.

We can reduce our footprint by creating safe, accessible spaces for people of all ages and abilities to walk, bike, roll and take transit.

We can bridge the digital divide and prepare for an electric future.

We can reduce housing costs and rents by building close to transit and taking care of infrastructure we already have. 

I will put your tax dollars to work with good checks and balances on the capital budget and ensure we invest in the future.

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