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I am honored for the endorsements of the following organizations, community members and elected officials.

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Elected Officials

State Senator Patty Kuderer, LD 48

State Representative Emily Wicks, LD 38

Bellevue Councilmember Janice Zahn

Bellevue Councilmember Jeremy Barskdale

Bellevue Councilmember John Stokes
Issaquah Council President Victoria Hunt
Kirkland Councilmember Jon Pascal

Renton Councilmember Ryan McIrvin

I choose not to pursue endorsements or contributions from current Redmond elected officials. I do not offer my endorsement or contributions in Redmond elections either. I have enjoyed collaborating with all of my Council colleagues in this past term. I welcome the opportunity to work with any newly elected officials in 2022-2025.

Community Members

Mitra Ashti

Shawn Roland

James Terwilliger

Jason Antonelli

Linda Seltzer

Bob & Pam Yoder

Karen Tennyson

Rachid Erekaini
Chandra Goka

Christa Keizer

Denice Gagner

Brent Schmaltz

Ronni Fields

Brian Tosch

Debbie Thiel

Leah Choi

JP Belieres

Derek Tate

Emily Greene

Jennifer Blum

Lindsey McKnight

Katy McClintic

Adam Blackburn

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