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Led the transition to 100% green energy for Redmond through PSE's Green Direct Program.

Adopted the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan, the first of its kind in Redmond.

Collaborated with other councilmembers to set the most aggressive climate action goals in the State of Washington for the City of Redmond.


Supported adoption of Redmond's Housing Action Plan, seeking to diversify housing choices and income levels throughout the City. 

Worked on definition of "affordable" for water utility service rates to provide services to women's shelter on the Eastside and for affordable housing sites.

Included green building provision in Master Plan Development Agreement for Seritage property in Overlake.


Defined infrastructure as an "critical and essential service" during COVID 19 for the State of Washington.

Defined broadband as "critical infrastructure" for the State of Washington.

Incorporated social equity into Redmond utility plans and strategic priorities of State Public Works Board.


Supported appropriation of $325,000 to small businesses through CARES Act funding for recovery and winterization.


Supported the establishment of a COVID 19 Relief Account in the 2021-22 Budget, for deployment of American Rescue Plan dollars appropriated by Congress.

Strongly supported streatery permits (business use of public right of way and parking spaces).


Advocating for capital transit investments where needs are greatest at King County Regional Transit Committee.

Participating in revising Metro service guidelines to center on social equity and racial justice.


Supported adoption of Redmond's pilot program for bikeshare and scootershare options as an alternative way to get around with a smaller carbon footprint. Deployed close to transit centers.


Helped secure critical federal funding for Redmond Central Connector Trail Phase III, connecting Redmond and Kirkland and light rail transit.

Together with Council, set aside over $15 million for the planning and design of the Redmond Senior and Community Center with an expanded footprint. (This project uses an innovative, best value approach to construction project delivery that is cost- and schedule-conscious called CMGC - construction manager, general contractor.)


Wrote plain language rules and procedures, establishing role clarity and special provisions for emergency communications.


Set criteria for public borrowing on capital projects where there is no recurring revenue. This means politicians are restricted from making risky bets with tax dollars on major projects without a vote of the people of Redmond, leaving less burden for future generations to pick up the tab, and more funds for other needed improvements in the City.


Supported additional human services funding in the amount of $2.5 million.

Supported capital program budget proviso to include specific reporting and accountability measures for development and infrastructure projects.

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