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I'm running for Mayor because I believe Redmond needs inspirational leadership to transform our community, prepare it for the future, and to protect democracy. I have dedicated my career to public service in sustainable development, and I'm committed to creating policies and making decisions that promote a safe and prosperous city for all.

In the past six years, serving as your Councilmember, I'm proud that we've made great progress on environmental sustainability in municipal operations. As Mayor, I will continue to push for sustainable and equitable infrastructure throughout the city.

I believe that communication is key to creating an inclusive, resilient Redmond for everyone. I will work to create a participatory, accessible planning process where community input is truly valued and not overlooked.

I hope to meet you while I am out there knocking doors and hear how Redmond is working for you.


Jeralee is proudly the only endorsed Democrat in this race and is honored to have non-partisan elected official support in addition to these wonderful organization endorsements.

Neither candidate met the 2/3 endorsement threshold from the 45th Legislative District Democrats. However, Jeralee did receive the glowing recommendation from the volunteer endorsement committee and was the sole nominee for endorsement.


Jeralee has been a non-profit CEO for over a decade. Here are some of the comments on her skills and management approach from other executives on her governing board from her regular executive evaluations from the 2020 year, which provides insight into how she managed the pandemic at her organization.

Maurice A. Henderson II, Vice President, HNTB Corporation

“Jeralee has demonstrated dedication to the organization and the work over the course of 2020. She is extremely organized and mission driven. In my opinion, she does a solid job of drawing a line between the functions and responsibilities of the staff and the board.”

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Highly Effective



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