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For a Safe, Prosperous & Resilient Redmond

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I am running for Mayor because I believe Redmond needs inspirational leadership to transform our community and prepare it for the future. As an experienced non-profit executive, civil engineer, and entrepreneur, I have dedicated my career to public service in sustainable development. I help government agencies, design professionals and construction teams build sustainable cities all around the world. As your Councilmember now, I am honored to serve as your representative at all levels of government. I am so grateful, thank you for believing in me and electing me (twice).

I believe great communities create opportunities to foster genuine connection with others. For a city government, that means ensuring we build and maintain great places to play and relax, like our beautiful parks and trails. It means operating community programs that create a sense of belonging and working to dismantle barriers to effective participation for all ages and abilities. In times of community crisis, the city support systems need to be fair and accessible for those in greatest need and to be equipped to adapt and respond in emergencies. As Mayor, I am committed to creating policies and making decisions that promote a safe and prosperous city for residents, families, businesses, and future generations.

In the past five and half years, I'm proud that we've made great progress on environmental sustainability in municipal operations, including transitioning to green energy and adopting an extraordinarily detailed plan with big commitments needed from the City, local businesses, and community members like you between now and 2050. Council has accelerated that plan, and set a high bar for environmental performance throughout the entire city. As a construction engineer, I am passionate about building healthy, equitable communities, and environmental conservation. Our built environment has a footprint that we can and should track, control and mitigate. I will continue to push for sustainable and equitable infrastructure throughout the city. 

In the next four years as Mayor, communication is key. COVID has introduced great disconnection, isolation, suffering, loss and uncertainty into everyone's lives. As we work through this collective trauma and grief to heal together, I will work to create an inclusive, resilient Redmond for everyone, where you feel welcome, heard, and empowered. I believe that responses you receive about policy decisions from the Mayor and Council should be transparent, thoughtful, accountable, and most importantly, respectful. I think that looks like a participatory, accessible planning process where community input is truly valued and not overlooked.

I hope to meet you while I am out there knocking doors. I would love to hear how Redmond is working for you. Feel free to contact me through my site and set up a time for coffee, a callback or a quick chat.

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