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Policy Positions

Support/Oppose Issues on Hot Topics

Different Opinions than Incumbent


Senior & Community Center

I support the community need for this center. I oppose all funding requests beyond the initially agreed amount of $30 million. This project is currently positioned to cost over twice this amount (unacceptable).

I supported debt financing for this project to meet the budget gap, like a mortgage, in order to invest current dollars in other critical facilities in disrepair.

Public Works

The Gate at 172nd

The community surrounding this gate is strongly against this project going forward. I don't support the project because it is contrary to the commitments the City made in its climate emergency declaration for prioritizing walking and biking.


The project will create more car traffic near the elementary school.

Pay Equity

Equitable and Fair Pay

I support living wage legislation as a means to address housing costs. I believe City council deserves living wages as well.


I oppose the actions taken by the incumbent Mayor to dismiss the entire independent salary commission.

I opposed the requested $80,000 increase (48%) in the Mayor's base salary.

I support adding access to healthcare benefits for part-time employees, including the Council.


Masking and Shots

I opposed the Executive Order issued by the Mayor to selectively fire firefighters, because it was more stringent than the Governor's mandate. Neither the Executive Order nor Governor's mandate are in place anymore.

I oppose the idea of firing staff because they are sick.

My family and I are fully vaccinated. We still choose to wear masks when among large groups of people, when among folks who are not able to be vaccinated, or at healthcare facilities.

Other Issues

Topics That Have Come Up In The Past Two Terms

I have voted against the budget every cycle (2019, 2021, 2023) for various reasons.

The city's financial health and your dollars are high priorities for the Mayor. In each cycle, I worked collaboratively with other councilmembers to adopt and pass (unanimously) stronger financial policies including borrowing limits, structured reporting for the capital program, and limits on executive authority.

I Support Stronger Renter Rights and Rules in City Limits

I support additional actions in the 2024 Legislative Agenda for State Level rules. I do not support waiting for the State to take action.

Pro-Choice With 
Reasonable Regulations to Protect Patient Safet

This is a State and national issue. The City Council has the responsibility to ensure existing access for its workforce and residents.

I was present at the opening of the Silver Cloud Inn facility and support this program.

This is a County issue with potential local impacts. The Mayor and City has a responsibility to listen to and advocate to minimize impacts and communicate clearly what is happening.

On my suggestion, this facility temporarily hosted both Afghan and Ukrainian refugees.

I support a replacement public safety levy in order to retain current police and fire staffing. The November 2022 ballot measure failed.

A replacement levy will keep up with rising costs of labor for this critical workforce and replace the 15 year old levy.

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